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How can we live sustainably and in balance with the rivers that flood us? 

Can we create a future that incorporates the nature of rivers into policy?

Living with water: an exhibition

15 - 18 Feb. 2023

Wednesday to Friday 9am to 5pm 

Saturday 9am to 1pm


Areté Innovation and CreativityHub,

Ateneo de Manila University,

University Rd, Quezon City, 1108 Metro Manila



This exhibition poses questions about how we live in relationship to rivers. Can we live with the rivers that flood us? Or is the river something that we should control and use for our own benefit? The exhibition does not give answers to these questions, but rather we ask you to join us on a journey alongside three rivers, three geographical locations and three cultures, to listen to people’s experiences of being flooded and to join us to develop a global future that enables us to think differently about our rivers, cities, and environment.

Living with water exhibition is divided into three spaces

Space 1 - Introduction to three rivers

This space introduces three Rivers in three countries that became flooded during extreme storms.

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Space 2 - Experiences of flooding rivers

This is an installation of imagery, objects, light and sound, where extracts of spoken experiences of flooding of each of the introduced rivers in Space 1 can be heard, while exploring a space of light, darkness and sound.

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Space 3 - Influencing a future

This is a space where thoughts, ideas and desires are brought together to think about our present relationship with rivers and how we can influence society to build a better future living with water.

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Surface flooding during storm.jpg

Meet the Artists

Below are the Artists who contributed to the exhibition

People who have actively led, created and supported this Sandbox Residency 

Maria Aileen Leah G. Guzman, Ph.D (main lead for the Sandbox residency)

Nicole T. Manley, Ph.D.

Anthony Schrag, Ph.D.

Andres Garcia Payo, Ph.D.

Andrew Barkwith, Ph.D.

Ekbal Hussain, Ph.D.

Yasmin O. Hatta

Angelo Carlo R. Galindo

Diego Rebato

Xilina Tankiamco

May Celine Thelma Vicente, Ph.D.

 Jose Claro N. Monje, M.Sc.

Francis Gealogo, Ph.D.

Francis Navarro, Ph.D.

Rene Claveria, PhD

Engr. Jude Anthony N. Estiva, P.E.

Mrs. Angelita G. Guzman

Ms. Ersie Sa-Onoy

Engr. Carlos Oppus

Ms. Sigrid Almendral

Engr. Alfonso Cuezon

Alwin Bathan

Hacer Yulo

Alfonso Agustin

Elizabeth Pua

Expedito Agripa

Rhinelan Lachica

Dawn Satumbaga

Atty. Spocky Farolan

Erika Alejar

Karl Pepanio

Jeff Quinto

Organisational support for the excution of the Living with Water Exhibition 

““The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

― Abraham Lincoln

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