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Space 3

This is a space of relfection and thinking how we can change the way to live with rivers and become more resilient to flooding.



These pieces are the outcome of sharing one another’s stories of flooding from each others country. To do this the researchers went on a journey to Sandy Island - a place where existence becomes doubted, releasing our minds to imagine ourselves and place differently and think about flooding as an experience.

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Basket weaving is used as a metaphor to develop a future to become more resileint to flooding. The resulting basket depends upon the process of weaving the basket. If it is not done well, the outcome of the basket is a poorly made and cannot endure the function it was made for.

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We are all tributaries - Our houses receive water from an unknown source. We drink the water from the tap and the water is released from our kitchens and bathrooms to a place: we know not where. As human beings we have created our own water system hidden in pipes underground. 

Environmental Science students from Ateneo de Manila University were invited to provide their own thoughts, ideas and expereinces about being part of the hydrological system and how thinking about being part of the water system might enable a different way of thinking about rivers and flooding.

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As a veiwer to this exhibition, we (as artists) ask you to give your thoughts, images, ideas and words to a online space to express how we might be able to become more resilient to flooding and how we might be able to live with our local rivers in a different way.

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