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Space 3 - We are all tributaries

‘We are all tributaries'. Our houses receive water from an unknown source. We drink the water from the tap and the water is released from our kitchens and bathrooms to a place - we know not where. As human beings we have created our own water system supported by government, local authorities, companies and others involved with water supply and wastewater. This water system however is all underground. We have even diverted our rivers to become sewers under our towns and cities. Most big cities have their "hidden river". 


In this section Nicole AL Manley will introduce these concepts to Environmental Science students to think about local hydrology in a different way.

We are all tributaries - rethinking our hydrological system

Environmental Science students from the School of Science and Engineering, Ateneo de Manila Unviersity will participate in  giving their thoughts, reflections and ideas about how we are interconnected to rivers and what we can do to create a resilient future not only working to reduce flooding, but also re-thinking about how we live with rivers. This will be done be taking into account the natural hydrological system and how our own hydrological system has changed the course of many waters.

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